Veo  una Biblia descuidada, sin abrirse. Esta foto me recuerda un habito que debo mantener diariamente en el proximo año que empieza.  Cuando hablamos en nuestro devocional del Martes: En Sus Marcas, Listo, Puesto Y Ya! y en el Versiculo Semanal: A Quien Estas Mirando Tu? vimos que en nuestra carrera para alcanzar a conocer a Jesus y mantener nuestra mirada en El, la lectura diaria de Su Palabra es esencial. Que ves tu en esta foto? Traduccion en Espanol de la foto: LEEME!

English version:

I see a forgotten Bible, one that has not been touched for awhile. This photo reminds me of a habit that I must continue practicing during the next year, which is Read His Word!  This week when we talked about these two topics: On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready Go!, and Whom Are You Looking At? ; we concluded  that reading God’s Word is essential to keep our eyes on Jesus and to know Him better.  What do you see in this picture? English comments are always welcome!

Un pensamiento

  1. The picture reminds me that even though I keep my eyes on Jesus I am not reading His word. I am reminded by a voice inside regularly that my eyes are not totally on Jesus when I choose to not read His word daily. My heart longs for more of Jesus but I don’t always make the decision to seek out more of Him. I apologize and ask for forgiveness and I know I’m forgiven but I still don’t do what is right. I strive to have a better relationship with Jesus and to take my eyes off of my circumstances and the raging storms around me and to focus more on Him. I strive to not just do this when I’m at church or feeding the homeless but all day everyday. I love the Lord with all my heart.

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